PTCL Speed Test

Check your internet speed

Is the net speed bothering you? Is it taking ages for sites to download? Now you can take a test to find out the speed between your computer and the internet with PTCL’s sophisticated technology. PTCL is a reliable name and offers services and solutions that have won it a broad clientele. The PTCL speed test is one such service provided for users to easily check their internet speed. The best part is that this test is for FREE!

How it works

Run the PTCL speed test and see if your provider is giving you your money’s worth. The PTCL speed test is simple to use and its accurate results can help you to know what needs to be done to improve performance and get more efficient results. For we all know that time is money!

  • All you have to do is press the green “Begin Test” button and then wait for results. It takes the IP and then begins calculating the internet’s speed automatically, starting with the ping rate.
  • The blinking green tab will indicate what the test is measuring. The left tab will measure the download speed (an arrow facing down) while the right one the upload speed (an arrow facing up). The speed meter will indicate the pace with its needle reaching the number the internet is working at. After the ping rate, the download speed tab starts blinking with the needle working its way up. Once the speed is traced the figure measured appears against the tab and the needle comes to zero to start with the upload speed measurements.
  • The complete results including the download speed, the upload speed and the latency results appear at the bottom of the window once the test finishes.

The download speed: It is the time that the net takes to get information from the websites to reach your computer. This can include photos, music, videos and other information.

The upload speed: It is the time taken by the net to take information from your computer and transfer it online to sites.

Latency: Latency also known as the ping rate is delay of information from getting one point to another. It is measured in milliseconds.

The results give a clear picture of how the internet is working. The whole process just takes a few seconds to complete and the results are reliable as well.

So get started. It is simple, fast and accurate!


Internet speed test

In the modern technological world we live, we need fast results. In an online world it gains more significance. Be it an office assignment that needs to be mailed, an online game or simply surfing sites – speed matters! So how do we check the internet speed we are getting?

The answer is simple. Now we have many internet speed test that can measure it and you can find them for free on different sites. Of-course you need to find the most reliable one for correct results.

Internet speed has to do with the bandwidth, connection type, old equipment, traffic blockage as well as distance. With the different internet tests available you can check the bandwidth you are getting as well as the latency measurements. The detailed analysis of download and upload speed can give you an accurate picture of the area that needs to be worked on for better results.

During the test, the time to get a per-defined data is calculated by the computer within a specific time frame and thus the speed is determined. The results are instant but they may vary depending on the traffic congestion at the time of the day. It is advised to run the test a few times preferably at different times or days. Also keep in mind to stop downloads at the time of the test as such factors as video or music streaming may slow down the speed. Other factors that may affect results include the computer or laptop speed and the usage of internet by others.

Running the test a few times can give you a more accurate estimate of the bandwidth you are getting from the ISP. Compare the test results with the high speed internet package you paid for and see if you are getting good value for money.